August Client Spotlight Mrs Rita Hilton

This month we are proud to spotlight private client Mrs. Rita Hilton, who recently accepted the Elie Wiesel Award from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on behalf of all survivors in South Florida, and whose personal story now resides in the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Each year the museum honors individuals around the globe who have shown a commitment to Holocaust remembrance. Rita has not only made a financial commitment, but a commitment to educate future generations about the Holocaust through her speaking engagements at schools and community organizations.

Rita was only 13 years old and living in Poland when World War II began. The grand-daughter of a dentist and the daughter of a dentist, she survived ghastly ghetto conditions and two concentration camps before she and her Mother were liberated by British forces in 1946. Hungry and cold is how Rita describes life in those days, when she existed on soup and only a few slices of bread each day. From the ghetto, Rita along with her mother and grandmother were sent to Auschwitz, where Rita's grandmother was gassed. From there Rita and her Mother were sent to Bergen-Belsen where they spent 10 months before being liberated. What kept them alive? Faith, hope, and the fact that Rita’s mother was a dentist and Rita herself was skilled in first aid, so both had value in providing medical services to the other prisoners. After liberation, they continued providing medical care to the Swedish government for the benefit of camp survivors. After immigrating with her mother to the United States in May 1946, they were reunited with family, and both went on to happy marriages and careers.

In spite of the suffering she endured and the tragic events she witnessed, Rita has not lost her sense of hope or her sense of humor. She shares her life story at every available opportunity so that, “future generations will know what happened.” In America, she met her husband Leonard, a general contractor, and they travelled quite a bit. They began raising a family which grew from 2 children to 2 grandchildren, and then to 4 great-grandchildren. Along the way Rita became a travel agent, took up painting, and later spent her free time spoiling her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Today at 93, she is still lecturing because, “…if I inform one child, and that makes a difference in the future then my job is done.”

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