Family Office Services

Legacy Preservation

Fuoco Group and its highly skilled team of professionals at TFG Financial Advisors will work with your family and your trusted network of professionals to provide the support you need to manage your family office. Our team of business and financial advisors will assist you in planning opportunities as unique as your family and your family foundation.

Family offices face challenges that, if not addressed, can and will affect their family’s legacy. Some of those challenges are:
  • The ever-shifting tax and regulatory environment
  • Business exit and succession to family members
  • Long-term sustainability
  • Risk Management
Running a family office is much like managing a business. Yet, it’s a business that requires mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and grandchildren to work together in navigating the challenges and complexities of their family office objectives. As a family leader or family office executive, you may require:
  • Family governance, continuity and education
  • Specialized tax and estate services with thorough knowledge of your family’s personal and financial objectives
  • Complex financial planning and investment management to grow wealth across multiple generations
  • Financial, trust or charitable giving administration and business consulting services
  • Require a fiduciary advisor to maximize the impact of family wealth on foundations or charitable trusts
  • Business governance and integrated financial strategies
  • Back office support – bill paying, payroll, tax compliance, and consolidated reporting
  • An experienced resource to help you pass down your know-how, processes and structures to the next generation of your family enterprise
We are professionals with a wide variety of expertise assisting you managing your assets, protecting your assets, maximizing their value, minimizing your tax exposure, transferring them to succeeding generations, and helping you accomplishing your legacy objectives. Let us be your personal professional service provider.

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