October Client Spotlight – Croker Fire Drill Corporation

October Client Spotlight – Croker Fire Drill Corporation

Our October client in the spotlight is Croker Fire Drill Corporation. The Croker corporate umbrella encompasses three entities: Croker Fire Drill Corporation - which develops plans and conducts drills and training for corporations and commercial real estate properties throughout the Northeast; Croker Fire Safety Corporation - which develops site-specific plans and employee training for health care facilities while keeping them in compliance with municipal codes; and Croker Fire & Life Safety Institute - which provides certification courses for Fire and Life Safety Directors.

As Fire and Life Safety Professionals, Croker’s services include fire and non-fire related emergencies/disasters such as terrorism, bomb threats and active shooter response training.

The company was founded in 1911 by Edward Croker, Chief of the FDNY.  His rapid advancement over the 27 years in the fire department was due to the fact that “Chief Croker proved himself, time and time again, to be an outstanding firefighter and leader.”  He was the first Chief to use an automobile to respond to alarms and was an outspoken advocate for improving fire safety.  His book, “Fire Prevention,” recommended the fireproofing of buildings and proposed that the simplest way to prevent fire death is the simple drill.  His ideas were the foundation of the Fire Prevention Law of 1911. When he stepped down as Chief, Croker spent the next 40 years of his life in fire prevention and created the company that still bears his name today.  Croker epitomized effective leadership of the fire service - to put their expertise to use in fire prevention.  To this day, the company’s mission is the same: “…provide safety awareness and preparedness, maintain high standards towards prevention and sustain a safe environment for all building occupants.”

Croker has recently expanded to provide risk management services.  Croker realizes that effective preparedness programs save lives, minimize injury, protect property, minimize liability and provide for the ongoing continuity of business operations.  Over 75% of companies that experience a serious fire go out of business afterwards, or within 3 years of reopening.  Losses include business interruption, lay offs, and the customers who are forced to turn to alternative suppliers. Insurance may help to soften the blow, but most businesses do not recover from fire, which is why Croker’s risk management services are in such high demand. Their award-winning team is experienced in risk assessment, emergency response, crisis management, business continuity and strategic decision-making.

Croker CEO Ray Weinstein has over 40 years of experience in fire and life safety. Croker President Brian Weinstein was at the corporate forefront for New York City’s Emergency Action Plan initiatives which included extensive plans specific to non-fire related emergencies developed for commercial office buildings throughout NYC’s five boroughs. This impressive duo is responsible for the company’s growth, progress and new service platforms developing Croker to become the largest fire and life safety consulting company throughout the northeast region. For more information please call the corporate headquarters in Hauppauge, New York, at (631) 277-7602, or visit www.crokerfiredrill.com.

The Fuoco Group is proud to provide Croker with a full range of tax and accounting services, as well as a business and financial advisory program as part of our “new financial dialogue.” Become a part of the Fuoco client family, and enjoy the benefits of our expertise. We are more than just accountants, we are trusted business advisors that will beat your expectations.


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