TFG Disaster Assist Program


TFG Disaster Assist Program
The Fuoco Group (TFG) is ready to assist all businesses and individuals in need as a result of a disaster. We recognize this is a trying time for all of our clients and our staff as well, and our goal is to help our clients solve a financial crisis and continue their business and personal lives in the best manner possible after this devastation.

PHASE 1 – Casualty Loss Documentation
Individuals and businesses - Assist in preparation and filing of the necessary paperwork to support casualty claims
    We will assist in locating appraisers
    We will document the casualty loss with schedules and supporting documentation
    We will participate in the preparation of FEMA claim forms
    We will assist in preparing the necessary documentation for the deduction of casualty losses on tax returns
PHASE 2 – Claim Assistance and Support
Businesses and rental property – Assist with business interruption insurance claims either as part of a package insurance policy or as a separately stated coverage:
·         We will analyze your insurance policy for qualifying coverage
·         We will identify the nature of the interruption and identify qualifying items
·         We will schedule and document the economic business interruption loss
·         We will provide the insurance company a report based on agreed-upon procedures if requested
·         If asked or required, we will prepare a forecast of losses and provide our report thereon
·         We will work with insurance adjusters to assure that our clients gets every benefit and proceeds entitled to them
·         And, if inadequate coverage exists we will work with FEMA and the SBA to provide disaster benefits and loans
·         There are also emergency provisions allowing the IRS to immediately refund estimated tax payments if qualified.


So, how do you get started?
Contact our emergency hotline that has been set-up at 1-855-534-2727 or Cory Lyon at 561-209-1120.  If no one is immediately available, due to call volume, a representative of the Firm will return your call by the end of the day.  

After you agree that you need our service, we ask that you send us the following information. We understand these are just your best guesses, but will help us better understand and plan the work necessary to a successful claim.
·         A copy of your insurance policy,
·         An description of how you were impacted by the storm causing a loss of profits, continuing expenses and/or an increase in expenses
·         An indication of lost sales and whether lost sales can be made up and if so, can it be made up without the sacrifice of other customers or future sales?
·         An indication of direct physical damage to your property, if any. (Ex:"computer equipment $40,000" or "building damage $200,000")
·         An indication of a service or utility interruption (power, telecommunications, internet, sewer, water, fuel, data, etc.)

Lastly, our TFG Rapid Response Team help desk will assist you in locating construction and related trades to anyone in need. If you need a roofer, plumber, electrician, tree removal etc., one call may provide you with someone we know and trust.

Additional Resources:
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Questions? Contact us immediately, 855-534-2727



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Press and Events

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